• Can I order a custom width gate?

    We are the only aluminum supplier who regularly makes custom width gates.

  • What is the difference between “powder coat” and “paint”?

    The terms are often uses interchangeably, but there are differences between the two. Paint is composed of pigment, resin and solvent and is applied as spray. Powder coating is pigment encapsulated in a powdered resin and applied using an electric charge. Powder coating is sometimes referred as “paint without solvent”. An advantage of powder coating is the reduction in air pollution during the coating process, but the performance characteristics are quite similar.

  • Are gates welded or screwed?

    The frames are welded and the pickets are screwed in the frame; however, gates can be built with welded pickets for a small upcharge. We recommend screwed pickets, which can be easily replaced if the gate is damaged.

  • Are your sections “screwless” or are screws used to attach pickets?

    We offer both systems; however, the most common is to use screws, because pickets can be easily replaced if damaged.

  • Will aluminum fencing “rack”?

    Aluminum sections accommodate many slopes. For more severe angles, the rails can be “double punched”. Your installer can help determine specific construction necessary for your installation.

  • Can aluminum fence be used as railing?

    We supply aluminum railing, which we recommend for handrail projects, instead of traditional aluminum fencing, which is not tested or designed for railing.