About Us

Country Estate Fence, Inc. (CEF) is located in Chester County, PA and was founded in 1995 by Milo German.  Recognizing the need for local installers to have strong vendor support, CEF solely manufactured vinyl fence, deck and handrail until 2006 and 2010 when aluminum and wood products, respectively, were added.

Made exclusively by Nebraska Plastics, Inc., the “Founding Father” of vinyl fence in the late 1970’s, our vinyl products are 100% American made.  Our vinyl products are independently tested by multiple third party testing labs to ensure consistent product quality.

We have direct relationships with over twenty-five North American wood mills to ensure a ready supply of all wood species commonly used in our region.

We have also direct relationships with multiple aluminum suppliers to enable shipment with lead times shorter than the industry average.

CEF, as a manufacturer, has a wide network of local installer/dealers in an 8 state area to assist with your specific needs.  Moreover, because our focus is on manufacturing, we commonly produce custom gates and fence products necessary to meet the needs of each installation.

Our vision is to be the premier Vinyl, Aluminum and Wood fence supplier in the industry, offering our dealers products and solutions that meet or exceed expectations.

For more product information, please review the FAQ’s for each product line.